How To Manage Your Blog As A Student.{A Re-blog}

Oh….hi welcome back to my blog 🤗. If you are a new reader my name is Omayemi you are most definitely welcome and I hope you stay 🤗.

Today’s blog post is a Re-blog, this insightful post was written by New Lune. I believe every student who is a blogger should read it, the points are practical and definitely something every student blogger should know.

Being a student as well as a blogger can be really hard. It’s probably one of the most difficult things to do since both require a lot of your time & energy. I definitely think you can manage both things as long as you plan and prepare beforehand. In my case, I did take a […]

How To Manage Your Blog As A Student.

I hope you were able to click the link and read the full blog post. Tell me what you think about it in the comment section.
Till my next one, take care.


7 thoughts on “How To Manage Your Blog As A Student.{A Re-blog}”

  1. Wonderful post with wonderful tips. As a student,I know it’s a lot of work having to manage posting/coming up with content and school,especially when you got homework and projects to do. Don’t even get me started with blogging while writing exams. I’ve been doing it,though challenging, it’s fun. And I love me a challenge

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  2. I love this. As a student that blogs I can totally relate. Especially when there’s homework,projects and exams involved. But I love working my brain for posts during exams cause you never know what comes to mind. I do love me a challenge so blogging while exams are going on is definitely for me. Thanks for sharing this❤

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    1. Yeah, school is about to reopen here and I’ll need to engage in some batch content planning to be able to maintain twice a week blog post, because my school calender is not looking pretty😫🥴


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